Sacred Wilds Travel


We are Sacred Wilds. A family run travel organisation with a vision to unite people and places; creating cross cultural exchange and community driven initiatives through mindful tourism. We are focused on shaping, experiencing and sharing once-in-a-lifetime eco-travel experiences. Our itineraries are designed to directly benefit the local collective and provides opportunities for villagers - notably women and youth to develop and manage self-sustainable projects such as traditional home-stays and handicraft workshops. 

Offering a wide variety of tours from the heights of adventure to tranquil retreats, our tours are curated with the objective to leave a minimal ecological and cultural footprint. We also offer personalised tours as well as health and wellness retreats focused on spiritual development, inner awakening and holistic healing. 

Journey with us as we explore incredible destinations in a different way. Wandering off the tourist trail and connecting with culture to understand the intricacies of a place and it's people. Our focus is on giving the conscious traveller authentic travel experiences and a unique opportunity to give back. 

Your Guide

Aje is a documentary filmmaker, wildlife conservationist and a lifetime traveller. He has spent several years in the wild working as a tracker, researcher and cinematographer. Aje's passion in storytelling combined with international relations and spirituality gives him a strong foundation for conducting responsible tourism whilst uniting people to cultivate a positive global ethos.